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Other times by Appointment ONLY



The lobby will be open for drop-off, and pickup. Mask and distancing will be required.  No sit down meetings to be scheduled with accountants.  Please do not come in if you are sick.  A large drop box has been installed out side for those that may not want to come in the office.  A list of available services (beyond the traditional lobby drop-off and pickup) are as follows:

1) ZOOM Meeting - Just like an in-person meeting except using a video camera. A time can be scheduled and a link will be sent for the given meeting time.  You do not need a camera to participate, but you will need a smart phone, tablet or computer.  To schedule a Zoom meeting please call 217-452-3260.

2) LINK Portal - An Electronic Drop-Off System. A secure portal where the exchange of documents can take place. You can use your smart phone or device to take pictures of documents and upload.  We have used the LINK for several years and works great.  If you currently don't have a LINK account with us, please call 217-452-3260 for an invite if you wish to give it a try.  Look for the tab at the top or click "LINK System" for more information.   

3) TEXTING - Katie and Jeff have texting accounts separate from their cell phones.  The documents or messages will come directly to their desktop, avoiding confidential information on their personal cell phones.  This is not a method to circumvent staffing.  Please reserve for use once preparation begins.  The numbers are listed under Contact Us.     

4) E-MAIL - Use at your own risk.  Security and reliability of e-mail is becoming a problem and we prefer moving away from e-mail when we can.  

5) DocuSign - We have been using DocuSign for about a year.  It is very simple to use.  We can send documents for electronic signature.  Beyond DocuSign, iPhone and iPad products have an easy way to sign PDF documents.  Android phones would require Adobe installed.  This can be done without using DocuSign upon your request. 

6) AeroAdmin - A remote access tool that allows my office to login to your computer to obtain information from electronic records such as QuickBooks.  We have used this product for a number of years which allows for screen sharing and QuickBooks support when necessary.


Please understand these measures are necessary for the protection of our clients and our employees.   



Telephone: 1-217-452-3260
Fax: 1-217-303-8658